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Blocked Drains Altona

Meet Our Blocked Drains Specialist in Altona

Is your home or business in Altona experiencing blocked drains? Hobsons Bay Plumbing Services has a trusted plumber who can help you. The owner, Joel, has over ten years of experience providing quality and affordable plumbing services. Joel is passionate about making homes within his community safer. As a reputable plumber in Altona, Joel uses his knowledge to resolve issues in the first instance. Besides providing unmatched plumbing services, we offer expert advice to ensure your system is functioning and secure.

We are available 24/7 to cater for emergencies. Our plumber understands that minor plumbing issues can escalate quickly, damaging your property or leading to severe health risks. We are always ready to respond and offer quick and quality fixes. We care about our customers, meaning we will come to your property regardless of how severe your drainage property is or your budget.

Blocked Drains Altona
Blocked Drains Altona

Offering Comprehensive Blocked Drain Services in Altona

Blocked drains are a common occurrence in Altona. However, you must resolve them quickly before they become severe. Our team provides a full inspection using CCTV drain cameras to determine why your drains became blocked. Finding the root cause ensures we employ solutions that will fix the problem effectively and affordably. Our plumber will clean your drain using a specialised tool with a water jet head. We will clear your drains so well that they look brand new and remain clear for as long as possible. 

After unblocking your drains, our plumber will test and inspect them using a CCTV camera to ensure we have completed the work to the highest standards. We can work on various blocked drain issues, from minor drain blockages to sink and basin, whole house, toilet, and stormwater drain blockages. Working with us gives you the confidence that the problem will not reoccur.

Work with Altona’s Leading Blocked Drain Experts

Our trained professionals go above and beyond to clear your blocked drains in Altona. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work and prices. Our team will diagnose the blocks and offer long-term repair and maintenance services. Blocked drains can rapidly become your worst nightmare, disrupting your routine and potentially leading to more plumbing issues. Fortunately, our plumber is committed to giving you in-depth information on efficiently addressing and preventing blocked drains in your home or business. 

While there are DIY methods like using a plunger, it is advisable to call a professional plumber to help clear your blocked drains. Attempting to fix the problem yourself might worsen the situation. We recommend calling our experienced plumber whenever you notice slow drainage, gurgling sounds or unpleasant odours. Timely intervention will clear your blocked drains quickly without disrupting your schedule or causing property damage.

Blocked Drains Altona

Our team offers prompt and reliable blocked drain services in Altona. Please don’t hesitate to call our plumber if you have a clogged drain.


5 stars rating

Joel was promptly on site the same day that we called, he was very professional and informative and was able to point out recommended preventative maintenance that proved to be correct. Its so refreshing to find a local who is knowlegable and easy to work with. We now have peace of mind that we have found a plumber that we can trust.

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